Express Data


AV8ER provide WAN Acceleration technology with a 35 year pedigree and with tens of thousands of users globally.


What is the Data challenge for all users?

A 1Gb/s WAN link with 5ms of latency will limit data throughput to 50% or less of the available bandwidth. Double the latency and you halve the throughput. Add packet loss into this equation and performance nose dives.

Adding bandwidth doesn’t equate to going faster, it compounds the issue with little or no additional throughput. The damage is done between 0 and 10ms which can be a surprise to data professionals.


Our value proposition summary....

AV8ER's product is transparent and will move data at near wire speed from A to B regardless of latency as well as  mitigating the effect of packet loss.

All data is equal including encrypted & encoded (videos/images/scans (DICOM/PACS) etc., and deduplicated/compressed data and is accelerated at the same speed.

We can run multiple protocols (e.g. FTP, Commvault, Microsoft DFSR, Snapmirror and object storage etc.) simultaneously.

We do not tie users into a proprietary orchestration layer, users can choose their preferred method, e.g. FTP, DFSR, Object etc.

We make the industry standard TCP/IP work without costly protocol changes.

We scale from 1Gbs, up to 40Gb/s -  and with 100Gbp/s around the corner meaning your return on high speed infrastructure is assured.


AV8ER help to address challenges in one or more of the following areas

Back-up and recovery


Copying data

Moving data into, out of and in-between clouds (public/private/hybrid)

Frustrated by cloud vendor lock-in and struggling to get out

Data migration

Global work flow

Big Data


AV8ER WAN Acceleration works for

Datacentre and BIG Data productivity

Medium to large WAN Links 100Mb/s up-to 40Gb/s (100Gb/s on the road map)

ALL data benefits from WAN acceleration; encrypted, encoded, de-duplicated/compressed.

We fix the throughput problem by

Driving data throughput up-to 98% of available Bandwidth regardless of distance (latency).

Mitigating the additional negative impact of noisy networks (packet loss)

Managing congestion

Equipment and other file and object  based Services

Dedicated File transfer engines with High Speed Clustered NAS systems for Broadcast, Play-Out,Visual FX, high speed cloud and Engineering systems.

High Density Blade systems for compute, rendering or cloud.

40/100 GbE Core Switches, 10 GbE Edge Switches, Hardened Routers and Networks.

High Quality/ High Speed Image capture, and wide are WiFi networks for schools, Stadium and community applications with accelerated file transfer reducing point to point latency by as much as 90%.

Brokers for Cloud Services with facilities in over 300 locations in the UK, and transfer to the UK from other locations.

Media file transfer between global locations


AV8ER has always been about performance from the IT perspective where we have provided our clients with well researched and neat solutions ahead of the pack. The Partners we choose extremely carefully - continue to expand our profile of unique solutions for prestigious clients who have demanding requirements and understand that AV8ER solutions deliver superior performance and at an affordable price

- And -

Initial Meetings and consultations are free of charge.

If we find a way to solve your problem on time and within budget we tell you how with full documentation of the solution with costs and performance statistics.

We provide full POC facilities to test your solution before deployment.

Our solutions are designed to save you time and money - backed by renowned manufacturers.


AV8ER has been operational since 1996 when it designed high performance products using HPC and CGI products.

Since then - we have undertaken and succesfully provided a range of projects to Media, Broadcast, Post production, Network and HPC clients.


Delivery of the best possible price/performance at all times for our clients by maintaining lowest operating margins possible and intelligent use of manufacturers resources and capabilities.

Our close attention to all level of savings include  working as in-house purchasing agent for our clients - when needed- providing full visibility of purchase and sale costs, with associated savings.