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I have worked with AV8ER's team on a number of very successful projects.

I was Technical Manager of Film & Television at the University of the Arts (London- lcp), The AV8ER Team provided us with an enterprise level fast storage server and network. This serviced real time uncompressed HD editing, 4k film editing and playout for over 30 directly connected workstations, and countless student computers over the internet - servicing both local and remote studio operations. The solution was very cost effective and AV8ER provided excellent support and advice throughout the project. AV8ER also helped to develop an academic/industry think tank.

Since this time I have used his company to advise and supply equipment on a number of projects ranging from local and fast cloud storage to complete broadcast studio installations.

I would certainly fully recommend AV8ER and their consultants for  technical knowledge, enthusiasm, reliable and extensive support.

Peter M.